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Best Laid Plans: True Crime & True Love

Best Laid Plans CD by Beth HornerTwo of Beth’s raucously humorous stories for teens and adults.
A Night at Water Oaks: What happens when the best laid plans for a healing summer’s rest veers off course? Woods … novels … snow shovel? … ax murderers!
First Love. What happens when the best laid plan for an intimate evening draws a crowd? Moonlight … candles … Mom? … police!
(For mature audiences)
CD $17.00

Wacky & Wild: From Young to Old

Wacky & Wild: From Young to Old by Beth HornerFour of Beth’s most often requested favorites, including The Library Song, Knight’s Lesson, and The Kazoo Three Bears!
DVD $17.00

The Scenic Route: Stories From the Heartland

The Scenic Route: Stories From the Heartland by Beth HornerPublished by Story Arts of Indiana and the Indiana Historical Society. Twelve Stories from the Midwest’s finest storytellers including Beth, Bill Harley, Jim May and more.  Includes one of Beth’s most humorous and inspiring stories: The Pipeline Blues: A Story of Environmental Triumph.

Book $9.00

The Pipeline Blues

The Pipeline Blues by Beth HornerAn inspiring, humorous musical tale of one city’s triumph over sewage! Premiered in Illinois — Recorded live at the National Storytelling Festival!

CD $12.00

An Evening at Cedar Creek

An Evening at Cedar Creek by Beth HornerGreat for children, families and adults! A lively collection of 7 folktales enhanced with music. Stories from the United States and around the world, featuring “Abiyoyo,” “The Mousedeer and the Buffalo Chip,” “The Phantom Carriage,” and “My Dog.”

audiotape $12.00 • CD $17.00

Encounter with a Romance Novel: Heroines in Everyday Life

Encounter with a Romance Novel: Heroines in Everyday Life by Beth HornerFor older children, teens and adults! A humorous and inspiring collection of six stories and songs drawn from folklore and Beth’s own personal escapades. Features a hilarious version of Beth’s most often requested spoof, “Encounter with a Romance Novel,” as well as the quietly strong “Young Girl and the Castle (The Skull).”

audiotape $12.00 • CD $17.00

The Silver Spurs: A True Tale from the American Civil War

he Silver Spurs: A True Tale from the American Civil War by Beth HornerThe true story of a little girl who watches her father go off to War, of his war diary that she later reads, of the hardships he faced and the family he cherished and of the amazing return of his silver spurs to his aged daughter 60 years later. Includes excerpts from the diary of cavalry soldier Colonel Wesley P. Winans and accompanying song.

DVD $12.00

Ready-To-Tell Tales

edited by David Holt and Bill Moody

For children, families and adults! Sure-fire stories from America’s favorite storytellers. A collection of 41 readable and tellable tales selected as favorites of storytellers around the country. Includes the stories, information about the storytellers and tips on telling the stories. Features Beth’s story entitled “The Mischievous Girl & The Hideous Creature (Red Nails and Lips).”

Book $20.00

More Ready-To-Tell Tales: From Around the World

edited Holt and Moody

More wonderful, sure-fire stories to read and tell! Included are comic tales, trickster tales, tall tales, how and why stories, stories served with a twist, tales looking at codes of conduct, family and community. Contains Beth’s story “The Young and Dashing Princess,” a fractured fairy tale.

Book $15.00