Reactions to Beth’s Performances & Residences


Beth enthralled her audience with her storytelling. The rapport she established is unprecedented.
Sonia Wagner Chair, Bensenville (IL) Arts Council

Her enthusiasm and delight for story and children are abundantly apparent and radiated throughout our school. We were all greatly impressed with the range of stories and wealth of knowledge she had about creating learning experiences that would engage, excite and challenge our children.
Richard L. Best, Ph.D., Principal, Sprague School, Lincolnshire, IL

Beth – They loved you at the Sunnydale School here in Burien! You kept almost three hundred 1st, 2nd, & 3rd graders enthralled for 45 minutes and according to the one of the school librarians, at Sunnydale, that is something of a miracle!
Sandra Ogren, Children’s Librarian, King County Library System, Burien, WA (Seattle area)

Dear Beth, I was at your assembly with my class this morning. It was great! You were great! It was the best assembly I have been to in ages! Your stories were so well told, you kept the kids interested the whole time, you had them laughing and doing all the motions and sounds, yet they never got out of control or too silly. You really know kids and it comes across that you really enjoy them. It was a real treat to be there this morning! I hope you’ll be back again next year!
Sally Differding, 2nd grade teacher, Dr. Julian Rogus School, Frankfort, IL

Ms. Horner’s storytelling ability is exceptional. She possesses knowledge, teaching skill, poise and dedication.
Dr. MaryBeth Webeler, Principal, Tioga School, Bensenville, IL

Beth, Are your ears burning? We have talked and talked about your visit with us at Woodruff High School. The kids were so impressed with your stories, and I believe your visit before their HSAP Exams was a real asset to them in preparing for the statewide test. I hope this affirms you in knowing how much of a lasting impression your talents and gifts make in the education of children. Keep up the great work!
Tim Saunders, English Teacher, Woodruff High School, Woodruff, South Carolina

What an inspiration! My students can’t wait to write now! Thank you!
Beth Manders, 3rd grade teacher, Elsie Johnson School, Hanover Park, IL